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Albums, CDs, and Cassettes Produced for listeners, usually for charity, by various shows and stations featuring top material.

'A Green New Deal Christmas!.jpg

The "Dopey Songs Podcast" Presents:

"A Green New Deal Christmas Album"

Make Christmas more sustainable with a few new satirical parodies based on traditional Christmas songs including: "AOC is Coming to Town, "Park Your Tesla," "Bolsheviks" and more! Free videos and audio downloads to share!

Z-Morning Zoo Sgt Pepper.jpg

This is the most comprehensive historical account (with authentic audio) of the events that led up to and included the May 4, 1970 shooting deaths of four student protestors at Kent State University. I created is as a student at Kent State in 1974. It was broadcast and preserved as a vinyl 2-record set. Both video and audio versions are available for viewing, sharing, or download. All four sides available in shareable YouTube videos or audio MP3 downloads.

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