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Holy Shmit! is a funny, irreverent, and surprisingly sweet story infused with a heavy dose of technology and celebrities. The plot is so inventive and out-of-the-box different, it is sure to please millions of readers and offend millions more! We all take for granted that the world we wake up to each day will pretty much go on as scheduled. The sun will rise, the traffic will be heavy, your boss will continue to be a jerk, and your home won't be the center for the most dangerous demonic possession ever to occur in the Universe.

Until now.

Everything as we know it does hang in the balance because God, the Universe's Master Programmer, has finally been compromised by Satan. The Vatican knows of only one man who is possibly up-to-snuff for this job: a priest from Columbus, Ohio afflicted with Tourette's Syndrome named Father Shmit. And Father Shmit knows of only one other man who can help him in his quest: a nerdy computer geek by the name Fire Fox.

Jesus talks about "Holy Shmit" by Corey Deitz

Preacher's take on "Holy Shmit"

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