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Zombies and Politics: One Will Kill You. The Other Will Make You Wish You Were Dead

The nation's capital is under siege by the living dead, the President of the United States has not been seen in public for weeks and Washington D.C. is on complete lockdown. A zombie infestation has infiltrated the seat of national government and politics just became Bite-Partisan.


Zombie D.C. is clearly this year's most intelligent spoof on the state of politics in the United States of America. Little escapes the author's stinging satire as he lampoons Republicans, Democrats, health care, terrorism, lying politicians, the Occupy Movement, the 1%, the 99%, cable news, and more.


The Zombies are coming to Washington, D.C. and if you enjoy smiling, get ready to run-for your life... or is that run for your laugh?

ZombieDC Ad.png

"Zombie, D.C. Promo"

"The Battle Hymn of the Zombie President"

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