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Everyone has a DJ or radio station he or she especially enjoys. Not everyone knows what goes on behind the microphone. And once you do, you may never listen to radio the same way.


Corey Deitz has done radio shows in Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Richmond, Norfolk, St. Louis, Toledo, Little Rock and other cities. He's seen the business from top to bottom.

Through his humorous and casual writing style in The Cash Cage, you'll meet an army of wanderers who spin tunes, give the time and temp, take the requests and when the pressure is on are easily discarded by a cutthroat business that disguises itself as your favorite song.

When an employer reaches into his grab bag of professionals, he never know how big of an ego or what kind of pathology will accompany the next worker.

The Cash Cage is a captivating trip through an exciting medium held together by an odd lot of gypsies who move from city-city in an incessant struggle for ratings, income, and acceptance.

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