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Books by Corey Deitz


The Cash Cage

Everyone has a DJ or radio station he or she especially enjoys. Not everyone knows what goes on behind the microphone. And once you do, you may never listen to radio the same way.  The Cash Cage is a captivating trip through an exciting medium held together by an odd lot of gypsies who move from city-city in an incessant struggle for ratings, income, and acceptance.


Radio Ate My Brain


Corey Deitz has worked in radio all his adult life. He has seen the best and worst of it and has now condensed his experiences down into a funny, jaded, and satirical look at the business.


Under the Popeye Rose

Which would you die for? Money or Love? 

Ford Fallon is a lowly convenience store clerk from a little town in Ohio and he hates his life. Inspired by a fortuitous mistake, he hatches a plan to cleverly parlay the error into quick money. He maps out a scheme to live large on ill-gotten gains but never anticipates love interfering. Set against the backdrop of Paris, this humorous, engaging, and romantic story is colored with identity theft, fraud, love, death and redemption.


Holy Shmit!

Everything as we know it does hang in the balance because God, the Universe's Master Programmer, has finally been compromised by Satan. The Vatican knows of only one man who is possibly up-to-snuff for this job: a priest from Columbus, Ohio afflicted with Tourette's Syndrome named Father Shmit. And Father Shmit knows of only one other man who can help him in his quest: a nerdy computer geek by the name Fire Fox. (This is the first book in a trilogy.)


Zombie, D.C.

Zombies and Politics: One Will Kill You. The Other Will Make You Wish You Were Dead! 

The nation's capital is under siege by the living dead, the President of the United States has not been seen in public for weeks and Washington D.C. is on complete lockdown. A zombie infestation has infiltrated the seat of national government and politics just became Bite-Partisan. (This is the second book in a trilogy.)


Time Prisoners

Time Prisoners is the third book in the trilogy based on the fictional character Father Franklin Shmit, a world famous exorcist who suffers from Tourette's Syndrome. 

This final adventure is a hybrid of historical fiction and science fiction which weaves facts and fantasy together into an imaginary tale which will especially please fans of conspiracy theories and probably shock everyone else who scoffs at them.


Lessons from Camp: Wisdom in the Past Tents

A compilation of true stories from the days I spent at Camp Aheka in Towaco, New Jersey. But, it is not a book about scouting or even camping. It is about the Ying and Yang of behavior and misbehavior and how both have a place in teaching us about living.


The 2012 Guide Book: How to Make the End of the World Fun!

A comprehensive and funny book which covers the possible scenarios for the end-of-the-world on December 21, 2012 thanks to the Mayan Calendar. From Melting Polar Ice Caps, rampaging penguins, polar bears, and killer asteroids, to evil space aliens, earthquakes, starvation, zombies, an exploding Sun, Armageddon, and even a deranged Santa Claus, The 2012 Guide Book explains it all and what you can do to protect yourself.

Shut Up Front Only.jpg

Shut Up: We All Have Issues

By day, Corey Deitz is a radio personality. By night, he's just another poor, neurotic slob curling up in a fetal position and sobbing like a little girl in the corner of a room. Deitz has issues and doesn't mind putting them on display in the hopes the reader will realize in comparison, he or she is not as bad off as previously thought.



Corey Deitz characterizes himself as a "recovering Democrat" and even offers a 6 Step Program for liberals. "I'm not a right-wing nut job," says Deitz, speaking from his underground shelter while stocking ammo and canned food. Humorous, satirical, self-deprecating, and witty - Vilified! will make you wish you could cast a vote everyday.



(By Corey Deitz & Patrick Beam) Filled with funny bits, rants, short stories, and even a manly recipe or two. Crap-a-pedia will bring delight to an otherwise crappy experience! Crap-a-pedia is the ultimate bathroom companion. Well, other than toilet paper. And actually, if you were desperate enough it cold be...we digress. Crap-a-pedia: #1 for your #2!

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