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Dopey Songs Archive

Episodes 1 - 10
Dopey Songs with Corey Deitz - Episode 10- This week: songs about relationships, in-laws, sports, pizza, health food, the Amish, the Christians, trucks, and gender identities! 
Dopey Songs with Corey Deitz - Episode 9 - This week: songs that mock evil, male and female body parts, the famous FU Song (unbleeped), humorist Sean Morey and lounge lizard Bud E. Luv! 
Dopey Songs with Corey Deitz - Episode 8 - This week: Music from Heywood Banks, songs about hurricanes, FEMA, the heat, bitchy women and big balls! 
Dopey Songs with Corey Deitz - Episode 7 In honor or Weird Al Yankovic in town a tribute to his best food songs plus: songs about shaving, Canadian geese, shoes, guns, and gems all the way from the 1940s to the 2000s! 
Dopey Songs with Corey Deitz - Episode 6 including: Stan Freburg, Kip Adotta, Soupy Sales, Radio Bloopers, Wet Dreams, Back-to-School, National Radio Day, The Old Philosopher, Greenland, Russia, and more!

Episode 5 of Corey's podcast, “Dopey Songs” - this week including: parodies and novelty songs about transvestites, SPAM, PETA, dead animals, Arabs, King Tut, A.D.D, and Space Aliens including Steve Martin, Monty Python, and many more!

Dopey Songs, Episode 4 - This episode features parodies about Climate Change, Pot, Nirvana, Facebook Trolls, MILFs, Socialism vs Capitalism, and even guns. Plus: how a master parodist, Tim Pilcher (Bomb Squad Music) creates parodies for radio shows across the country! You won't hear this stuff anywhere else! 
In this episode: a couple of great tunes from controversial social satirist, Tom Lehrer, and more "party songs" from Ruth Wallace ("Davy's Dinghy") and Rusty Warren ("Bounce Your Boobies"). Plus songs about men, women, the rich, the poor and a song that will make you realize how hopeless life is: "Deteriorata." Great stuff!
In this episode: dopey songs about UFOs, Space, and Aliens. Plus: "party songs" about bad words and sex. A special appearance by Matt Cruz from The Edge because he's a fan of Dopey Songs and a couple of personal hidden treasures from Corey's radio archives!
 In this episode: Weird Al, Spike Jones, Smoking & Drinking Songs, and sick Love Songs. 
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