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Dopey Songs Archive

Episodes 21 - 30
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This week: profane and dirty Christmas parodies plus some archived treasures! 
This week: bombing Iran, Beatles parodies, cockroaches, boobs, and Steve Martin!
This week: a tribute to Monty Python, Rodney Dangerfield, The End of the World, the Cold, and William Shatner, and more!
This week: the CoronaVirus, Tweeting, Politics, Relationships, and Pre-Valentine's Day songs!!
This week: Love songs for Valentines Day with Spike Jones, Heywood Banks, Benny Bell, Ruth Wallace, Weird Al and more!
Dopey 26.jpg
This week: Songs NOT to play on the radio, Punks versus Cops, The Chinese, YouTuber Madilyn, and audio from my private radio archive.
This week: songs about the Winnipeg Whore, chiropractors, restrooms, gasoline, and The Mothers of Invention!
This week: Songs about Germs, COVID-19, Computer viruses, markets crashing, Litter-hating Nazis, plus Garfunkle & Oates, and Weird Al, of course.
This week: Social Distancing, COVID-19, Video Games, Jimmy Fallon, Buckner & Garcia, and more! 
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